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Canvas print round: a type of wall art where an image is printed on a round canvas. It is a creative and unique way to display artwork or photography in a round shape. You can choose a design that complements your décor and adds an interesting visual element to the room via a round canvas picture. At Purple Canvas you will find abstract paintings as well as photo art in a wide variety of styles. In addition to our photo art, you will also find illustrations as well as abstract painting images in our online shop, which are produced in our studio using the latest printing technology from Epson colour printers.


Purple Canvas produces and designs limited editions of the collection "Canvas Picture Round" of 50 pieces at affordable prices. Since you can only buy high-priced unique pieces in galleries and the mass-produced art prints sold in museum shops do not meet the individuality requirements of an art lover, we had to find a way to make high-quality art prints of abstract art accessible to the general public.

The solution is limited editions of our collection "Canvas Picture Round" of a maximum of 50 pieces, which you can purchase in shop.purple-canvas. Every single canvas painting round is hand-signed by the artist on the back. To verify authenticity, each print and photo print is numbered and hand-signed. Thus, this corresponds to the international standard of large auction houses.

Through these limited edition "Canvas Print Round" by Purple Canvas, hand-signed abstract art is no longer reserved for only the wealthiest art collectors and museums. Purple Canvas has democratised and revolutionised the art market. Our Limited Edition hand-signed works increase in value over time.


Originating in Europe around 1910, Abstract Art is one of the youngest art movements ever. In abstract art, objective reality is not depicted, but a pictorial reality of its own is created.

The concept of abstraction means a reinterpretation of reality, usually by simplifying forms, colours and dimensions. Strictly speaking, a painting is only truly abstract when the representational element has completely disappeared from it and the pure structure, the material and the colour move to the centre of the viewer's attention. Nevertheless, traces of our environment, nature and representationalism can be found in many abstract paintings (but abstracted, in keeping with the name). The aesthetics, the colours and the forms - these are the real protagonists in an abstract painting. If you are interested in abstract art, then the Purple Canvas online shop is the right place for you. 

With us, you can conveniently browse through the entire art and design novelties, which are divided according to various aspects such as working technique (abstract painting, photography, graphic art, drawing, digital art or painting), areas of use (living room, dining room, home office, bathroom, bedroom) and colour themes.

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